Ahmedabad, the cultural hub

Ahmedabad, the cultural hub

Ahmedabad over the years has turned to be one of the most popular as well as important cities of India with respect to the tourism, economy, and industry. Popularly known as Amdavad, this city bagged the third position in Forbes’s list of the fastest growing cities for the decade in the year of 2010. It is also ranked as the best city to live in according to The Times of India in the year 2012.

The city is well known for the business and the business tycoons that it gave to the country. Similarly, the city has carved its own name with respect to being the culturally diverse city that it is. The city is rich with its heritages and has maintained them over the years and today is one of the most popular tourist sites of India.

The city is also moving towards modernization which one can see in the various forms of entertainment options that are available in the city. One can enjoy this city and its heritages by hiring a car rental in Ahmedabad.

Thought, the city of Ahmedabad has a lot to offer to one and all. There are two major tourist destination in close proximity to this city that one should visit, they are:


At a distance of 400.6 kms away, this place is popularly called the planned hill station resort because of the numerous activities as well as sightseeing that one can do here. One can indulge in various activities such as trekking, boating and can also explore the wildlife in this place.

Places to see in this beautiful location are:

Saputara Lake: It is a beautiful and a very serene place. This place is most popular for the boating option that it provides and also is surrounded by the lush green garden filled with colors and freshness. One can enjoy talking walks around the lake and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful environment.

One can hire Ahmedabad to Saputara cabs and get to this beautiful lake.

Saputara Museum: This museum is located near to the lake and one can observe the lifestyle of the people of Dang here. One can also learn about the culture followed as well as the history of the people of that place.

The people of Dang are popularly known as Adivasis.

Artist Village: This village is located very near to the Saputara Lake and is just a few kilometers away from there.  On the road from the Saputara Lake that goes to Nasik, there is a beautiful village that is famous for its beautiful artifacts made of clothes, bamboo, and many other things.

The tribals of the village are known for their craftsmanship and also for their benevolence. One can not only buy these beautiful artifacts but also indulge in the making of some of the artifacts there.

Mount Abu:

At the distance of 235.1 kms away, one can hire an Ahmedabad to Mount Abu cab and reach to this beautiful hill station that is located in Rajasthan. This is the only hill that is present in Rajasthan which attracts one with its cool atmosphere and the lush green surroundings.

Dilwara temple is the most important tourist place that one should visit. It is one of them most sacred places for the Jains to worship and has a beautiful architecture that is sure to take your breath away. The temple has marble carvings and with the beautiful mango trees and hills surrounding it, it is a sight that one should not miss.

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