Larry Moskowitz – Time Management Tips for Artists

Larry Moskowitz - Time Management Tips for Artists

One of the biggest enemies of painters and their productivity is wasting time. It is here that the artist should fight the urge to waste time if he/she wishes to finish the work of art and make the outcome a positive one. It is here that an artist has to focus on setting up a separate space for painting with few distractions. The space should have the canvas and the painting materials only so that there are no chances of the artist wasting time when creating a work of art.

Larry Moskowitz- tips to keep distractions at bay for artists

Larry Moskowitz is a talented artist, an avid photographer, and a keen traveler. He has been inspired by his dad and mom to take up art and focus on his creative skills. He has also worked in the field of digital art and papercraft projects. He says when it comes to a good piece of art, readiness, willingness, focus, and determination are very important. An artist should keep rags, brush, paint, etc. easily reachable. Keeping the painting space organized and neat will keep you motivated when you paint. If you need any reference tools, keep them handy. Keep them near the space so that when you need them, they are accessible.

Start the painting only when you are ready

A professional artist will only work on a piece of art when he/she is ready. Make sure that you have a plan in place and check the focal point of the painting, the source of light, dominant colors, shadows, etc. As an artist, you should always start your observation with a plan and begin your work. You should know about the characteristics that have inspired you to start creating the painting. You must constantly remind yourself of the reason why you started to paint in the first place. Once you have a defined and clear plan in mind, you can focus on the painting better, and there are fewer chances of you going wrong with the painting.

Keep your work original

Novelty is an important part of good artwork. It is prudent for you to keep your work as original as possible. When you keep your ideas and work original, you are able to appeal to the masses with the novelty of your work. If you are dealing with the idea that is not in sync with conventional thoughts and belief of the present-day society, you might not get appreciation or recognition in the beginning. However, art has the tendency to change with time so what might not be popular today does not mean that it will not be popular tomorrow. The thought that your piece of art will not be accepted by the masses today should not stop you from putting the original idea onto your canvas.

Larry Moskowitz says that when you are creating new artwork, follow your emotions and heart. Do not self-criticize yourself too much. Go with the flow and always finish the artwork you start to get satisfactory results!

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