Peter Max-Creating Bright and Colorful Pop Art Masterpieces

Peter Max-Creating Bright and Colorful Pop Art Masterpieces

Pop art is a unique art movement that surfaced in the UK and USA during the middle to the late 1950s. This movement posed a major challenge to the traditions of fine arts as it included imagery from mass culture and pop music. It gathered its inspiration from music, comics and mundane objects popular in art and culture prevalent in the current times.

Peter Max- iconic artist associated with pop art for 5 decades

Peter Max is one of the most famous and iconic names associated in the field of pop art for five decades. He has been stealing hearts with his famous music band posters that are still loved by young and old pop music fans across the globe. They are even collected by many fans of music bands to keep in their bedrooms as souvenirs. He has been the artist for album covers and has painted portraits for several music artists especially during the psychedelic rock movement that became popular in the 1970s.

Sending messages to the world

He has been able to send across several messages across the world with his amazing pieces of pop art. He is a political activist and environmentalist. He has been inspired to take up arts as a career by his Mom and Dad from childhood. He has traveled to many places with them including China, Israel, and Paris. He has trained under some of the best names in the art world. His works are chosen by agents of museums and galleries to be exhibited across the globe. Since he has started painting, he has stolen hearts with his bright, colorful pop art masterpieces.

Iconic paintings popular in the world

He started his career in the field of advertising and is the artist behind the famous 7-up campaign. He has been the official artist for six Presidents of the USA and events like NHL, Super Bowl, The Grammy Awards, etc. He has painted portraits of The Beatles and is the artist behind the advertising campaign of the singing reality show in the USA- The Voice.

Expanding his imagination in every possible way

He says that when he is painting, he likes to expand his imagination in every possible way. He has been inspired by elements of cosmic art, and this is one of the main reasons why art lovers find the presence of the Sun, the Moon, planets, and stars in his work. He said when he was a child a Buddhist monastery inspired him, and this urged him to use cosmic elements in his works of art. One can find several amazing masterpieces created by him on his Facebook page and other social media platforms.

Peter Max also sends a lot of messages through his work. He says that art knows no bounds and this is why he creates paintings that urge people to take care of the environment. He was affected by the Oil Spill in Santa Barbara in 1968, and since then he has been on a mission to spread messages through his paintings to save the Earth!

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