Welcoming Winters with a new Home Decor

new Home Decor

Small things to do to make your interiors more winter-friendly

Winter has come. If there is something more difficult than designing and decorating the interiors of a house, it is maintaining it throughout the season. We tend to get lazy and things start to pile up around us in winters. Here are a few things you can do to make your house look more fresh and lively during winters:

  1. Greenery: A simple assortment of fresh greenery and colorful flowers can do magic in winters. A wreath of Petunia flowers or a simple stick of a flower in a small vase can positively affect the entire ambiance of the room. As the flower can maintain their freshness in winters for longer hours, it keeps the entire atmosphere of the room more vibrant. Artificial decorative flowers are equally good in terms of appeal and beauty, plus you can have any flower of your taste that doesn’t bloom during winters like an orchid. If you wish to keep it simple, you can just buy or order online Ceramic or Glass Vases for your greenery setup.
  2. Electric Fireplace: If you don’t have a fireplace at your home, you can buy or order online an electric fireplace for winters. Electric Fireplaces are not only the most efficient ways to warm up a room but it is also an ideal decor item for winters. It warms up the room, gives a warm and summery feeling and also provides just the perfect fiery brightness in the dark nights of winters of the capital. Electric Fireplaces are also available on various home decor websites India.
  3. Fragranced Candles: Fragranced Candles can really light up your space and your mood. Certain fragrances such as Wild fig and Orchards suit the wintery ambiance. When nights are long, lighting a fragranced candle with scents like Wild Fig, Orchards, Hibiscus or other quintessential winter fragrances is the perfect way to make a room feel cozy. You can choose your favorite fragrance from a number aromas of Fragranced Candles available online along with many other home decorative items online available for winters.
  4. Rug: This is the time of the year when putting your feet on any surface that is not covered with a warmth-generating material is a tough task in itself. So we do a lot of winter shopping for such warmth-generating clothes like throws, doonas and most importantly rugs. Rugs can magically improve the look and comfort of your space. Although by no means rugs are a ‘winter only’ thing but once winter knocks on our doors, it’s the best solution to keep your feet warm from the freezing floorboards and tiles.
  5. Special Lighting System: You can add a few items like decorative tungsten bulbs and lamps for winters. Tungsten bulbs emit warm yellow light that heats up the room a little and makes your room appear warmer and more hospitable. Hanging light lamps are also a great option for winters.

You can easily buy home décor items mentioned above online or there is a wide number of Home Decor Stores in Delhi-NCR where you can walk-in and select from a range of interior designing products. This season, dress up your home and welcome winters with open arms and open windows.

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